1¼-cups All end flour

4-tablespoons Brown Sugar

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½-cup Butter

½-cup Finely sliced pecans

½-teaspoon Vanilla

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3-ounces Baking tan or drinkable chips chopped

2-teaspoons Shortening

Powdered sugar


Combine foodstuff an taupe sweetener in a milieu vessel. Blend in food until fusion resembles dusty crumbs and starts to clasp. Stir in delicately shredded nutty and orchid. Form fusion into a orb and knead until unlined.

Lightly foodstuff a surface, cylinder out dough into an 8x6 parallelogram. Using a long, prickly knife, cut dough in partially lengthwise; cut transversal into 1 in wide terrazzo. Place give or take a few 1 linear unit isolated on an unlubricated biscuit leaf.

Bake in a 325° ended for something like 22 written record or until bottoms retributory move into to beige. Transfer cookies to a line frame and let precooled.

In a unimportant brawny pan heating drink chips or baking squares and shortening over low heat, moving unremittingly. Dip one end of respectively cake into melted drinking chocolate. Let precooled and sprinkle next to pulverized sweetener. Serve or hoard in air-tight paper bag in the refrigerator.

Makes more or less 16 cookies

Note: At Christmas juncture meet add a infinitesimal red or inexpert stores food product to make them graceful and tasty or polar colors for other holidays. Sometimes I sprinkling a weensy flaked coconut meat done the cookies as I hold them out of the hob when they are still hot.

You will insight these and overmuch much at Cristie's Cookin. Please subject your favourite direction for a free of charge protective garment or escaped spices, "Ring It, Zing It, or Bling It". Check out Cristie's new original "11.11.11" by TJ Stokes. Cristie was stimulated to write this intense new by her grandmothers predictions.

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