Outlook Poems [Grief, Pridefulness & Love/Part III]

9) Investigating Time

Then was then

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And now is now-

In wished-for time

Who knows?

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It is suchlike counting

Pebbles on the beach

No thing what,

You obverse defeat:

The job to be

Is unknown!

But waterlessness and war

And casualties,

Will, ever be

For sure!


10) Reflections of Pridefulness and Love

Love resides totally in giving

Despair, resides in pride

Resentments are the bodily process you shed

During reflecting present time...!


11) Female parent Dear

I look to grieve,

Yet, after so long-

A burning extinguished,

Yet sorrows not gone;

Wish I could recite a song

Perhaps I do: of hope,

But it ever turns out untrue.


12) Offspring Upset Parents

Children distress us, sometime they're grown

And victuals us suchlike we're a joke:

It plant two ways, theyability forget

In old age, they'll think this!


13) Lovers Train

We were sometime sweethearts,

Lovers and all:

Friends, I daring say-

But I shall...:

Until she saved other man

(an conversancy)

And he vanished her, suchlike she vanished me

High and dry, and rolling;

Alas, the teach ne'er stops,

It vindicatory keeps on active.

Note: in this train of poems (called: 'Outlook' poems ))for their feeling)), which have so far, iii surroundings to it, present is a wonderful and utmost you're welcome codicil to Dennis' set of terminated 1700-poems to date; by an awarded lyrical poet, respectively testifyingability to the workaday openness of vivacity. In these poems, one can see a acclamation to quality nature, a weight and religion of wide emotions. Rosa

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